Deadline dates: October 2019

1 October 2019

Payment of corporation tax liabilities for periods ended 31 December 2018 for small and medium-sized companies not liable to pay in instalments.

5 October 2019

HMRC must be advised of income tax or capital gains tax liabilities for 2018-19 if a tax return or notice to file has not been received.

7 October 2019

Due date for VAT return and payment for 31 August 2019 quarter (electronic payment).

14 October 2019

Submit form CT61 and pay tax for quarter ended 30 September 2019.

Monthly EC sales list (paper return).

19 October 2019

Pay PAYE/CIS liabilities for month ended 5 October 2019 if by cheque.

File monthly CIS return.

PAYE settlement agreement tax/class 1B NIC liabilities if paying by cheque.

Payment of PAYE liability for quarter ended 5 October 2019 if average monthly liability is less than £1,500.

21 October 2019

File online monthly EC sales list.

Submit supplementary intrastat declarations for September 2019.

22 October 2019

PAYE payments if paid online.

Electronic payment of PAYE for quarter ended 5 October 2019 if average monthly liability is less than £1,500 and of PAYE settlement agreement liabilities.

31 October 2019

Deadline for submission of 2018-19 paper SA tax returns.

Deadline for individuals with PAYE income to request an SA tax return for 2015-16 (ITEPA 2003, s 711).

Companies House should have received accounts of private companies with a 31 January 2019 year end and of public limited companies with a 30 April 2019 year end.

HMRC should have received corporation tax self-assessment returns for companies with accounting periods ended 31 October 2018.