Deadline dates: August 2019

1 August 2019

Payment of corporation tax liabilities for periods ended 31 October 2018 if not liable to pay by instalments.

Outstanding 2017-18 self-assessment tax returns now subject to a penalty of £300 or 5% of tax due whichever is higher.

2 August 2019

Filing date for form P46(Car) for quarter ended 5 July 2019.

5 August 2019

Quarterly report by employment intermediaries for period 6 April to 5 July 2019.

7 August 2019

Due date for VAT return and payment for 30 June 2019 quarter (electronic payment).

14 August 2019

Quarterly corporation tax instalment payment for large companies.

Monthly EC sales list (paper returns).

19 August 2019

Pay PAYE/construction industry scheme for month ended 5 August 2019 if by cheque.

File monthly return.

21 August 2019

Online monthly EC sales list.

Intrastat – supplementary declarations for July 2019.

22 August 2019

PAYE/National Insurance/student loan payments if paid online.

31 August 2019

Companies House should have received accounts of private companies with
30 November 2018 year end and of public limited companies with
28 February 2019 year end.

Corporate tax self-assessment returns for accounting periods ended 31 August 2018.

Annual adjustment for VAT partial exemption claims, May year end.

Submit PAYE settlement agreement figures to HMRC to enable final income tax and National Insurance liabilities to be advised for 19 October deadline.